About Us

If you are like me and love chic, sophisticated accessories for your fur baby, you are in the right place. Maui Moon is an online specialty dog boutique helping you and your furry bff stand out. We have a curated selection of cute, handpicked, dog-inspired items. Whether you are looking for a collar & leash for your next walk around the park, a gift for the dog obsessed person in your life or for a shirt to let everyone know what a proud dog parent you are, Maui Moon has you covered.

The idea for Maui Moon was sparked by my absolute love for dogs combined with the never-ending hunt for the cutest dog accessories I could find. Any time I visit a new city or town, I always look forward to finding a local pet store to grab a souvenir for Maui. In October of 2020, I decided to take the leap and start my own online dog boutique. Our goal is to be the place that other dog moms and dog dads out there know they can find the cutest and most stylish dog accessories on the market. 

Our passion is dogs and people who love them.